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Ink to Dreams

Garter Clips - Set of 8 - 3/8" (10mm) tabs included.

Garter Clips - Set of 8 - 3/8" (10mm) tabs included.

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Garter Clips, Set of 8, size: 3/8" 10mm , Removable, White, Black, Red, Hot Pink, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Latte - Set of 8 clips + 8 tabs.

Whether you need a replacement are looking to change things up, These removable garter clips are a perfect fit for any 10mm strap, Made in the USA from recyclable eco friendly plant material, they have a strong hold on even the thinest stockings while being light weight and easy to remove. 8 clips per set, color of choice ( Black, White, Red, Latte, Yellow, Orange, Hot Pink, Blue, Green). 

Includes 8 complimentary tabs.

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